In 2023, Car Mechanic Manager 2023, an economic game that allows you to build and develop your own car repair shop, will debut on PC – announced Manager Games S.A. As the creators indicate, Car Mechanic Manager 2023 will combine the best features of managerial titles and tycoon games.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 is being developed by the Polish studio Pyramid Games S.A. (known for such titles as Castle Flipper and Rover Mechanic Simulator). It will be published by Manager Games S.A., a company belonging to the Ultimate Games S.A. group.

The gameplay in Car Mechanic Manager 2023 will mainly consist of developing your garage, managing employees, repairing cars, and taking care of the financial condition of the business. The creators are also preparing, among others, varied scenarios and modes, as well as elements of fighting against the competition.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 is a unique mix of the best elements of managerial titles and tycoon games. Naturally, the player will have a lot of freedom in choosing the right approach and tactics in order to achieve their goals, maximise their effectiveness and make the highest possible profits. The game will also feature many random events, which may positively or negatively affect the player’s situation” – said Tomasz Sobiecki, CEO at Manager Games S.A.

The developers promise that Car Mechanic Manager 2023 will feature many types of cars and a wide range of specialist equipment. The core of the game will be based on a comprehensive repair system.

“We pay special attention to our proprietary repair system and everything related to it. The assumption is that a vehicle that ends up in the workshop may have obvious defects, but also hidden ones. Of course, it will be up to the player to decide what to do in a given situation. The skills and specialisations of individual workshop employees will also be important. We are preparing, among other things, unique possibilities of deciding how the employees should operate, so that the player will be able to automate their work to a large degree” – added Jacek Wyszyński, CEO at Pyramid Games S.A.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 – main features:

  • construction and development of a car repair shop;
  • multi-stage repair system;
  • many types of cars;
  • employee management;
  • marketing activities and fighting for your share of the market.

The premiere of Car Mechanic Manager 2023 on PC (Steam) is scheduled for 2023.